Translating Moura with Poedit App

Step 1: Download and install Poedit app

One of the best ways to translate a theme, is using Poedit program. It is an easy to use program and you can download and install to start translation.

Step 2: Translate POT file into the Target Language

In this step, you should start translating the POT (Portable Object Template) file of the Moura. There are two ways to find and translate the POT/PO files:

First Way:

You can navigate the location that you install Moura, in /wp-content/themes/moura/languages open moura.po with Poedit. After finishing translating or whenever you want, you can save your file in both English and target language in a PO file.

Second Way:
  1. Open Poedit and navigate to File > New from POT/PO file
  2. Look for PO Translation Files (*.po) and select moura.po in languages folder
  3. A box will pop up. Choose the language of the translation here
  4. After finishing translation, hit the Save button and save the .po file in the languages folder
  5. The MO File (*.mo) will be created automatically